splishy splashy…

I know most of you are already wading through sunshine and warmth…but apparently here, that doesn’t happen until the literal summer begins.  Yesterday truly marked the first day of shorts, t-shirts and even the remote desire to be outside…wet. 

There’s a new splash park here in town (although it would have been all the same to us).  It’s great.  It’s free.  It’s got a lifeguard.  and most importantly…heated water.  It’s where to be. 

Sela said she liked this sprayer because it tickled her belly…

Ethan just walks around with his too small hat on his perfect, yet disproportionately large head.  I love him.  

and Sammi just has crazy fun.  I love her. 

She dives in a swims all around under water…

And this is why I love Sela.   This was making us and the lifeguard laugh.  This is Sela swimming ‘underwater’ too.  she says, “Mom, look at me.  I’m swimming under water too.”  And I believe that she believes that with all her heart… I love her.

and this is Sammi waiting underneath one of the buckets to drop on her and right when she started dancing the bucket dropped…right behind her. 

I hope we spend many an afternoon here…


5 thoughts on “splishy splashy…

  1. Kristy,
    I was so far behind on your blog…I was reading it every day before Easter, and then I got busy with the musical at the Grammar School and fell out of the habit. So tonight, I read from the day your wrote about the last egg until today. Yep, every single one. I cannot say enough how much I LOVE YOUR WRIITNG! Please, please find a way to get this into print. Even if you jsut print it out somehow. Your kids need to have this. And I would be happy to pay many, many dollars to have a copy, too. I am not sure what entry I loved the most, but if I had to pick, it would be the one on your mom. You paint a picture with your writing that just puts me right into the moment. And I have now concluded that God had so much in store for YOU when you said yes to Rob’s dream to go to flight school. You have grown in so many ways in just 9 months. I promise I will be much better at reading now….I am hooked once again on your blog! 🙂 Thanks for the precious time you put into this. You are a treasure in just so many ways. Oh, and Danny is coming to Saskatoon from July 31-August 7th to spend a week with Ashley and her family. I have no idea how close that is…but it is fun to think a part of me will be within driving distance of you! 🙂 Much love to you, sweet Kristy! Anne

    • Anne- all of the sweet comments mean so much to me! You are such an encouragement to so many…and I am so blessed that our paths crossed. we are in the middle of Saskatoon and BC where you are going…and it depends on what one might consider driving distance. I’ll call it Canadian driving distance since in general it seems to not be thought much of here to get in the camper and drive a few days…but interesting terrain it is. I’ve asked a few people for suggestions for your anniversary trip…what a great idea. we’ve heard that it is just amazing where you are going. I’ll have to find someone actually from bc. Much love back to you! thanks, anne!

  2. Wonderful pictures, Kristy. I guess Uncle jef and Josh are not the only ones that have to order special size hats 🙂

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