Heritage Park…

Today was one of my favorite days here so far.  Only from the fact that Robb wasn’t there to spend the day with us, it was nearly perfect.  The weather, the kids, the place, the friends, it was great.  Heritage Park is an interesting place in South Calgary which turned out to be spot-on for my kiddos.  It is an outdoor museum of sorts with houses and town buildings literally from the heritage of the prairies here.  People walk around in period costumes and answer all your questions.  There’s a train, boat and horse-drawn wagon to ride…plus amusement rides just for their size.  But for girls who are so into “Little House on the Prairie”, this was just “IT”.  Everything was fascinating and it was almost like they were getting the chance to walk through the Ingalls house and Walnut Grove.  They were even looking for Mary and Laura, Pa and Ma.  I love when you can almost see their minds expanding. 

There were these cool two-kiddo swings…

Yes, we are still wearing our sweet soccer medal.  and other amusements…

They all got ice cream for such a terrific day…and then Ethan’s mind was expanding- right around his first little ice cream cone. 


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