Family night…

we have a tradition…well, this is only our second year…but I hope it continues.  It’s our ‘Summer TV Time-out’.  We can watch the tube with the best of them…all of us, but we turn it off for the three months of summer, mainly because it’s great to un-plug for a while, there are so many fun things to do in the sunshine and we barely miss it.  However, we have a weekly family movie night that takes on the feel of when I was little…and there was no such thing as dvds that you could watch over and over, every day if you want.  When you looked forward to that one night a year when “Wizard of Oz” was on and it was an event.  And really making it a family affair is, well, fun.  Also, there’s just something about watching Robb settle in to an hour of ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ that is special.  You know it’s desperate when he’s pleading for ‘Little House on the Prairie’, but tonight it was “Berrywood, Here We Come”. 

But the highlight of tonight was the S’mores.  Literally the minute dinner was over and Robb was heading outside to start the fire the clouds rolled in, the prairie winds started blowing and it was torrential. 

So, we waited for it to pass…

and then we got it going…

Sammi jumped right in…

and Sela hung back…

and Ethan walked around with his “pretend” s’more and a hat that fits him now.  (As a result of our time at the splash park where I put him in a hat that came with his 2T outfit and was way too small and then getting a lecture from my dad, whom also has a perfectly large head, that went something like, “Get that boy a hat that FITS”, I got him a new hat.   Which, to the absolute astonishment of me and the saleswoman, he wasn’t fitting into the next size up (4-6) but actually needed the 6-8 size…which means that at one-year-old his head is roughly the size of a first-grader.  Did I mention that it’s perfect?  I love him.)

Since they don’t know that they are yet, I’ll say it for them, “Thanks, dad!”

So, now I guess it’s family s’more and movie night…


5 thoughts on “Family night…

  1. Maybe I am reading into things a bit, but I think Robb has a look of contentment on his face that I didn’t see when you guys were in Wheaton. Is life on the Canadian Prairie agreeing with him? The camera does not lie! And FYI–Ethan’s big head means he will score a perfect 36 on the ACT and get a full ride to college! 🙂

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