Summer 2011

It’s been a fun one…so fun that I’ve not been on here, well, at all.  I hope that you were also beckoned outside…and away, from anything that is routine in your life.  We were so happy to have the opportunity to travel to a few of our favorite spots in the U.S. with some of our favorite people…

What I have begun to notice is that when you like being behind the camera then you aren’t in any of them.  I have to get better at that so my kiddos can have pictures to remember that I was there too.  Although, Sammi will probably remember that I took a lot of pictures since at the sight of my camera she has started shaking her head and telling me that I am “crazy with all of the pictures”.


It’s been a fun one.


10 thoughts on “Summer 2011

  1. Kris-ty! Loved, Loved, Loved having you all here and getting to spend some time with you. We truly miss you guys so much all ready. Praying that maybe we get to see you soon and more often. Hint Hint! Wink! Thanks for sharing this video. My favorite is still the kissing cousins! (Only in Grass Valley)XO

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