Let me tell you something…

Let me tell you something…I am not a dog person…well, I’m not a pet person…okay, really i’m not even an animal person.  I mean, they’re fine in a zoo-like setting as long as I’m not required to touch them.  My husband feels the same which is really crazy since we both have many members of our immediate family who are “pets are people” kind of folks and are convinced that something is fundamentally wrong with us.  I try not to act that out around my kids so as not to pass it down in case one of them inherited the “pets are people” genes instead.

Now let me tell you about our innocent walk this morning into the center of town, with a five-year old walking, 3-year riding her bike and 1-year old in the stroller.  We were but a few driveways down when we were joined by this small white shih tzu looking thing.  She just started following the 5 year old and wouldn’t leave.  She had no collar but was clean.  By the time we reached the College to check our mail, Sammi had named her Lucy (Sela’s cute vote was Rainbow but we decided that didn’t make as much sense since she was all white) and they were trying to feed it their pb & j sandwiches.

But then it started getting a bit embarrassing as this leash-less dog was darting out into the street as Sammi was yelling, “LUCY!  LUCY! Oh, dear!” and I started getting looks of incredulity of my carelessness and disappointment that I was causing my children such emotional upheaval.  “It’s not my dog!” but I just had to keep walking.

She accompanied us to the bank to get money for the farmer’s market, waited outside and kept with us…but then we passed the open door of the insurance office.  She darted in and then we were met with a “pets are people” lady who was coming out to affectionately return our dog.  When it was found out that she wasn’t ours, the lady swiftly took over, promising to find the dog’s rightful owner.  While I felt relief, my daughter started wailing in my arms…so I made a promise to return after the market to check up on the situation.  Well, let me tell you, that was needless…

Because as we were leaving the market an hour and a half later and a good 1/2 mile away, the woman found me with the dog.  She had called everyone, including the vet and had even left work to ride up and down my street to see if anyone was looking.  She pulled out a spare leash and a small bag of doggie treats and I’m listening to her tell me that she has other dogs and can’t take her in…I felt like I was in a daze.  As my kids started jumping up and down, I felt like I couldn’t say what I wanted to- “Insurance Lady, I know I look like the most viable option here to take in this dog, but please let me tell you, I am not!  I’ve got three young kiddos and I don’t know if I can deal with any more excrement or messes in my life.”  And because I loved how happy it made my kids and because I didn’t want to let out the calloused hater that I am, all of a sudden I’m walking home with a dog on a leash.  WHAT????  How did that just happen?

But alas, Sophie’s owners called around dinnertime and said that she must have found a way to get out of the backyard and so besides Ethan eating most of the bag of doggie treats and then saying more when I took them away, she left us with a good story about how unlikely us almost accidentally got a dog and a whole day of me feeling like I wasn’t able to communicate what I really wanted to.

Let me tell you something…that was a close one.


8 thoughts on “Let me tell you something…

  1. What a funny story! It sure had me laughing!
    Cute little dog too. I’m glad his owner found him.
    Are you SURE you don’t want to get a little pet for the kids? 🙂

  2. I am with you – not a pet person at all. We had cats and a dog when I was growing up, but I was never enthralled. Now about half my family are pet people – it always amazes me how they can apparently translate every expression, every sound into human words and thoughts! But who’s to say they’re wrong?! Maybe I just haven’t been given the gift of interpretation of tongues … really long, wet dog tongues at that … There are two of the pets, however, that I can be a fairly good “aunt” to – Zoe and Lady. But apart from them, nah.

    Glad Sophie’s “mom” showed up and you were spared!

  3. There are no words for how great I thought this post was! Yoda and Tootsie have been laughing out loud, you should hear them. So glad Lucy/Sophie eventually made it home, but also so glad you had that day. Awesome!

  4. This is probably one of my favorite posts of yours, Kris—ty! Aside from laughing my pants off, it spoke to me and gives rarely offered insight to you and your family on many levels. Bottom line: you guys have caring, thoughtful hearts.
    And just for the record, although I love my dogs, I would not put myself in the “pets are people” line at Petsmart. Some may think otherwise but to them I say PSHAW!

    • Cyndie! Now I’m laughing a little. It’s funny that you felt that you had to distinguish yourself as not a “pets are people” person. I actually wasn’t thinking of you…the distinguished title belongs more to g-trude and J & E, all of whom I think would wear the label proudly. and also M because she wouldn’t help me when Yoda was squishing me on the couch and always sticks up for her evil cat. 🙂 but for the record, I would never go in the laundry area of arnica when your dogs were in there, as sad as it is.

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