my kindergartener…

First day of school pictures are popping up everywhere on blogs and facebook…fresh-faced, combed-over kids in new outfits and backpacks, ready to face a new year in a new class with a new teacher.  So I also wanted to show off my own little kindergartener…

She’s lovely.  No, I didn’t put her on a school bus this way because we have decided that we are going to face the new year learning together.  We are almost done our first week of school at home.  I was hesitant at first, not knowing how or if it would work but the best advice we have received is to evaluate every year for each particular child.  And so, for our reasons, for this year, for Samara…this is it!  What has been even better is what a great time we are having.  We’ve hit a new rhythm, her and I and her schooling has been at the center of it.  It’s been a blast!

I grieved the polished momentous picture for about 5 seconds and then realized that the photo above is not only before school but actually during school.  Good enough for me!


6 thoughts on “my kindergartener…

    • CANNIS!!!!! I miss you! it was so sad to come back and you’re just not here. I have been wondering about you and was going to facebook K and ask about you but then I saw that he’s on a x-country to toronto (of course he is)!! How’s J? has school started? we are hoping to get to bc to see it and to see all of you. Big hug to you.

      • K just got back last night. We are finally all settled and J is going to start her school on Sept. 6, the day after her birthday 🙂 She has been enjoying going to the library and swimming everyday!
        It would be awsome if you guys can come to bc, have sooooooooo much to share and catch up with! Love always!

  1. Laughing my head off at my how cute and perfect she looks in her “First Day of School Picture”. You know this is going to be in her wedding montage.

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