girls rock, boys jail…

“Girls ROCK, Boys JAIL!” They love to chant this developmentally appropriate sentiment.  And since they made it up and it doesn’t really make sense, it has been fun to watch Robb try to counter.  I think his best so far has been a hesitant, “No…girls jail!”  good one.  Of course, I don’t agree that anyone “jails” (what?) but I think neither do they.  Sela’s not had much of a choice here…it seems most of the kids we have come across here to play with that are her age have been boys.  But there is a favorite.  This is Sela’s sweet friend, Isaac.

There is no other word but precious with these two.  It’s like they’re in their own little world when together.  They play house…

talk about God to each other…

They watch out for each other…

They hold hands, put their arm around each other and I’ve even seen him gently rub her back while watching “Franklin”.

It’s just that pure, I like you so much kind of friendship.  Precious.

Today, he and his family left Three Hills for another Canadian destination…and they will be missed.


One thought on “girls rock, boys jail…

  1. Kris—-ty, I’m really glad you’re back to some blogging. I missed it. What a sweet post. Great start to my morning. Thanks.

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