my “little” preschooler…

So I guess we do have some firsts to record…  My middle child, the one I call “my little” had her first day of school- preschool.  She couldn’t contain her excitement.  It’s such a different bag for younger siblings who aren’t entering the world of the unknown as the firstborn looks at it but more of finally getting to do what they’ve seen their older sibling do.  She LOVED it!  And as has been par for the course here…there were an abundance of boys in her class.  She rounded out the girls count to 3.

This girl is just sweetness wrapped in light…

If if looks like they’re huddling, it’s because fall has come to the North and that means a brisk 45 degrees already.

With all my heart, Sela, with all my heart!


5 thoughts on “my “little” preschooler…

  1. So sweet! They both look so grown up.
    It seems like you were just saying that spring was arriving, and now fall is there? Yikes!
    How is the Tucker homeschool going?

    • unbelievably yes, mindy! I’m sure it just offends your california sensibilities but it seems that spring, summer and fall are condensed into the month of august…and then there’s winter. I exaggerate, sort of.

      Homeschooling is actually going better than I even anticipated and I feel confirmed that it was the right decision. It’s brought Sammi and I closer together and I think she feels good having something her and I share alone. …not that there’s never any gawking but overall pretty well. You’re like halfway through your school year now, right? 🙂 hope it’s all smiles and ease.

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