a good fight…

I’ve decided that it’s happened too often to be coincidence now…God teaches me humility through size stickers.  You know those long sticky labels that they put on clothes to make it convenient for you to grab your size off the shelf.  Those are the ones.  Even when I think that I have scoured my newly bought ensembles, I truly think God blinds my eyes to where those little buggers are…and then I’m out the door, advertising to the world where I “fit” in.  It should go without saying, that this would NOT be a problem if I was sporting a single digit sticker.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I could be justly accused of doing it on purpose should that ever be the case.  But alas, I always notice after the moms’ function, pick-up at preschool or church so that I’m left peeling it off, sighing, “I can’t believe it. happened. AGAIN!” and I have to self-assess what pride in my life God is confronting.  seriously.

This weekend I’m attending Women of Faith Conference in Spokane, Wa.  I have never been before but I expect it will be refreshment, renewal, encouragement in all the places I probably need it right now.

I’ve been thinking about faith.  In I Timothy 6, Scripture makes it very clear that we are all to fight the good fight of faith…to pursue it.  I was thinking that I don’t fight too many good fights.  Fights are about showcasing our strength, proving something, winning at someone else’s expense…and then all of a sudden I’m wearing a display of girth.

So, I’m thinking that a fight of faith is my definition of fight flipped upside down.  After having a saving faith, my fight is to believe that God is who He says He is and that what He promises, He will do.  To live that out, I have to admit my weaknesses, my failure, my stupidity, my sin, my helplessness and that “apart from Him, I can do NOTHING.”  I’m forced to plead for God’s mercy and to thank Him for His grace.  That kind of humility is necessary…and good…and is one of the reasons this is a “good fight.”

So tomorrow, my size 12 jeans and I will board a plane to “take hold of eternity”.  I can’t wait to see what I learn.


4 thoughts on “a good fight…

  1. “To live that out, I have to admit my weaknesses, my failure, my stupidity, my sin, my helplessness and that ‘apart from Him, I can do NOTHING.’ ” Exactly what I needed to come to grips with today. Thank you!

    • Love your entries. This theme also has been on my heart….real strength comes from admitting weakness….the opportunity for God’s strength to shine through. Showcasing strength is the world’s billboard and God’s plan for us is just the opposite. It is in weakness when we are strong through Him alone.

  2. Oh, I do hope your love Spokane…my Danny sure did! And his sweetie, Ashley, is there right now. Somehow, in geting a new computer, I lost the blog address. Tonight I was finally smart enough to check your Facebook page for the link. DUH! Love, love, love this entry! ANd on my birthday to boot! I will be praying for you this weekend–what an opportunity. Listen well, my friend. He has so much to tell you! Anxious to hear what your plans are for the year.

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