sammi, the science kid…

I was an innocent freshman high school student sitting in science class when Mr. Hencken hurled an eraser (we used actual chalkboards in the 80s, right?), hit me in the back of the head and while I was still sitting in the white puff he told me that he was tired of seeing the back of my head so turn around and stop talking.

My younger sister followed me a few years later into Mr. Fitzsimmon’s Biology class.  As he was taking roll the very first day, she said he stopped mid-call and started looking around.  “Ok, Calloway.  Where are you?”  She was mortified as she had to raise her hand and he proceeded to banish her to the back of the room just in case she talked half as much as her older sister.  She still harbors righteous bitterness to this day.

True stories.  These were actually two of my favorite high school teachers but it wasn’t enough to capture an interest in science.  I’m pretty sure Robb has always been a “history” man.  So while it’s curious, I love that Sammi just loves science.  I have begun saving it until the end of our school “day”, which is more like school “hour” and have made concerted effort to do those optional activities that I would have begged to skip at her age.

This is her volcano…

Sela was put in charge of mixing the “brown” paint…

Can you stand this tongue?

Sammi meticulously painted, a true artiste…

Despite my total lack of attention in science classes, it was a success…

you stretch me in every way, kiddo!


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