women weekend…

so returned safely from my weekend with women…

testimonies, great “no-kids hanging on me” worship, poignant dramas, book-selling and having the best cup of coffee I think I have ever had.

But it would be also appropriate for me to singularize it ‘woman weekend’ because the best part of it was my friend meeting me there.  This conference gave us an excuse to get together after two years and also gave us ample time to really get to hear how things are going.

I instantly liked Carrie from the moment I met her then 8-month pregnant with twins self sitting in the kitchen in our new townhouse in Wheaton eating lunch with her husband.  She was an easy friend…the kind you really make little effort with yet it’s rich and fun.  I was happy to be there when her family was sent off to work full-time with YWAM in Idaho.  She and her husband run the DTS school there…but that makes what they do sound so simple when the different hat…no whole outfit changes that are required from each of them as they work there are too numerous to count.

She is a wife, mother of three young active boys, discipler, excellent cook for large groups of people, worship leader, overseer of whatever and every what you can think of, missions trip leader and coordinator.  She moves with her family to camp for a few months a year and visits India.  She couldn’t even sit still during the talks but managed to crochet half a baby blanket.

I loved hearing her heart for what she does and her burden for who she does it for.  I love how she is working so diligently as the hands, feet, sometimes mouth and most importantly heart of the body of Christ…and so therefore I was most encouraged by her faith…as a woman.


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