to the checkout and beyond…

Sela’s little preschool class had a field trip to the little grocery store in town.

They were captivated the whole time…

Sammi’s favorite show- in all the world, more than any cartoon- is CAKE BOSS!  It may be her New Jersey roots subconsciously coming to the surface…but more she’s fascinated by the creative process of making and decorating the cakes.  She plays “cake” and builds her cakes out of anything she can find in the house.  So, to see this IGA worker frost this cake in person made her so happy.

This is Sela’s little friend, Lynn.  They hold hands and hug all the time.

I think the question was, “who eats turkey sandwiches?”…

It has changed food shopping in this store forever…very fun.


2 thoughts on “to the checkout and beyond…

  1. My boys love Cake Boss, too!!

    Your blog and photos are so lovely. I miss you, my friend. Please give our best to Robb and the kids.

    -Karen, Fletcher & Holden

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