to ride or not to ride…

I don’t know if I have full perspective but there has seems to me to be a slight phenomena in this town.  It has to do with these itty bitty kids that are able to ride two-wheelers.  They’re everywhere and I don’t exaggerate when I say that they are literally within a handful of months older than Ethan.  I wish I had pictures…but what would I say to the mom after whipping out my camera on the street and taking pictures of her child.

This has only served to highlight poor Sammi’s struggle with it all.  I don’t know why it’s been such a struggle for her but even for most of this summer, she would choose to walk with me rather than ride her bike- no interest.  I don’t know if it was because she was so sick right up until she turned 4 (at the end-she wasn’t even able to walk very far) so she just didn’t care or that it’s hard for her to do something without doing it well, which is defeating from the start.

My dad took her out on the two-wheeler when he was here, which went better than any previous attempt, although she just wouldn’t let him let go.  I felt victory that she was even willing.  And then on Sunday night, we had to go about 10 houses down our street (to give this really sweet older man two precious homemade thank you cards for giving Sammi and Sela a doll and a stuffed monkey respectively free of charge at his yard sale the day before).  She decided to jump on her bike and it all just came together.  Joy swept over me…and relief that Sela wouldn’t learn first or that she would be a 15-year-old with training wheels.

What I didn’t capture on video was a neighborhood girl crashing into Sammi, knocking her down and the quick digression into meltdown.  She was resolute that she would never get on that bike again.  That night I was putting her to bed and trying to get her to articulate why she had been so upset.  She wasn’t budging so I just told her that I loved her whether she was a bike rider or not…to which she looked at me and said, “Maybe you could get dad up here.  He could probably talk me into it better.”

But by the next morning, it took no coaxing at all…


4 thoughts on “to ride or not to ride…

  1. You go Sammi Girl! I knew you were riding yourself back when I was teaching you but you didn’t know it yet. Now you know. Remember to take your time and you will only get better and better at it. Great job!

  2. GREAT JOB Samara!!!!! You look like you are having such fun riding your bike. I wish Grand-pop and I could have been there for the big event.
    Love you,

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