I wasn’t sure about schooling at home.  I wondered if Sammi would let me teach her anything and if we would struggle the whole time?  What do you do with a preschooler and a toddler while educating?  What if kindergarten math is too difficult…for me?  Now that we have completed ten weeks of study, these worries seem distant.  We are not only surviving but I would dare say doing better than expectation dared me to hope. There is something so rewarding to me as I listen to Samara read a short paragraph and her face when she comprehends not only the meaning but that she brought herself to it.  However, I have been completely blutterbunged at how often it’s just complete enjoyment…fun.

With Sela at ballet, we ventured, armed with our purposed library book into the big glass windowed building that houses administration and more at the College.

So for forty minutes we looked up the flags on the ceiling and the flags in our book.  We took only one break for “coffee”…

Ok, I can’t lie…we are somewhat regular at the little coffee bar at the College…so we know Jessica the barista and she knows to make a raspberry steamer and an iced chai when we make our way in here.  But the best part was when she came out from behind the counter and was identifying flags with us…

and of course, EJ was hanging too.  I guess my super duper strategy to keep him occupied is food, but he’s always game without a meal spoiled…

I loved it all…


3 thoughts on “flags…

  1. We loved the Boxcar Kids at our house, too. And the Hardy Boys, too. They had some good supsense in them that my boys LOVED. I am so glad you are loving homeschooling–you really were a natural for it…dare I say, you were doing it before you even KNEW you were doing it! 🙂

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