green house girls…

These girls are seriously our favorites…and they live in a cute little green house.  They are both nursing students at the College and have watched the kiddos…and I’m pretty confident that if I was ever lucky enough to be a fly on the wall while they’re here, I would probably learn much from them…and my kids are better for being with them.  You might remember Allison (we still love her!) and Nancy, whom we just met this fall and is equally as wonderful- the oldest daughter of 13 children-she’s all ease and experience and insists that we are doing her a service too as she relishes her a good “kid” fix.  Not pictured is a third roommate who by default has found herself a favorite with the girls.  Not only is she Allison and Nancy’s roommate but in honest small-town fashion, she is also their ballet teacher‘s daughter and a checker at the little local grocery store…which has resulted in a small fan club for her at work.

Anyhoo, one of the things we are loving most about our curriculum is the reading.   Our favorite so far has been, “The Boxcar Children”.  We are required to read aloud together book one of the series, but we blew through that in less than half the time so I tracked down book two…and so every time we have finished one of the curriculum books and have had time to spare we have read another ‘Boxcar Kid’ as we call them.  We have been trying to track down books four and five…

And then there they were…the two exact books we’ve been looking for and more…

…because Nancy saw them at the Tilly (the resale shop in town) and picked them up for us.  But even more than we love these books, I appreciate these girls.


2 thoughts on “green house girls…

  1. We love you too! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the lovely post AND amazingly good cookies!!
    We’d love to get the recipe….
    PS check your doorstep!

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