big screens…

We live almost over an hour away from any movie theaters, so we don’t see many.  But somehow I managed to go to two movies this past weekend.

I took the girls to see “Dolphin’s Tale“.  It was wholesome and sweet, simply about a boy and dolphin.

Then last night, Robb were able to get away and see this movie…

Courageous” was also uplifting and probably could be considered wholesome compared to what’s out there.  There is something awe-some about sitting in a movie theater where the gospel message is clear and overt, Scripture is recited with a very unapologetic message about how to live it out.

I remember, right after Fireproof, we shared with a brother and sister that we had just gone to see it and the reaction was almost a scoff with the implication that it was simple and maybe even embarrassing.  I just don’t get that.  Foolishness.

I got to thinking about these two movies.  They were both redeeming.  They were both moving.  I shed tears in both.  (although I saw tears coming down my husband’s face…and I’m positive “Dolphin’s Tale” would not have evoked the same kind of emotion in him.)  But they were not equal.  With no disrespect to what they both were intended, science cannot save like Scripture and while a dolphin can offer encouragement unaware, Jesus can offer changed hearts and lives forever, one lives in water while the other offers living water…oh, my !  I could go on and on…see “COURAGEOUS”.


One thought on “big screens…

  1. I agree. Courageous is a great movie. Eve and I got to preview it last November out in San Diego. It’s made by the same people that made Fireproof and Facing The Giants. All three are great family films. I recommend to everyone to see these movies.

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