the outsourced angel…

Sammi: “I love winter.  There’s something about it that makes me want to run outside.”

Sammi: “Sela, let’s make snow angels.”

Sela: “Sammi, can you just make my snow angel?  I’m going inside.”

Sammi: “ok.”

There is so much about this exchange that I love…


4 thoughts on “the outsourced angel…

  1. Kristy! You have a blogging and photographing GIFT!! The pictures really are worth a thousand words but your words were perfect for the pictures. Love it.

  2. Oh my goodness…loved the title and the whole exchange. Please, please, please tell me you will write a book one day??!! I am going to keep pestering you until you say YES! 🙂 You are so gifted with words—and it is a true gift. Paul had it…David had it…YOU HAVE IT! Keep them coming. And is there any way I can call you for a fun conversation? WOuld love to tell you all about Ann Voskamp. Grant has international calling to Canada on his IBM phone…I could ask you some questions about buying software…that would make it legit, right? Let me know. Email me if it is easier. I am not sure how to find a reply on this blog.

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