a super-hero…

We did errands today.  It’s an all-day event as we drive to the big city of Red Deer.  On these days, my three small kiddos ride hours in their carseats, are hauled into stores, pushed around in carts, told to stay by me and keep their hands to themselves and so you can tangibly feel their energy escalating as the day wears on.

We were almost at peak as we entered one of the two small malls in town where I just needed to get a few things at one store…which it turns out was in the other small mall.  I had confused them.  So, to make up for it I bought them a soft pretzel…to share even.  And that’s when they saw it…the giant sleigh, large reindeer ice-skating and sledding, christmas trees.  Santa was coming…to the mall…five feet from Subway.

The problem was that he wasn’t coming for another forty minutes and we still needed to head to the other mall that actually had the store that I wanted to go to.  It should go without saying that wasting time at the mall with nothing to do but pick my almost two-year-old son up off the floor where he would fall limp every time I would take his hand to walk was the last thing I wanted to do.  And I don’t want this to be about Santa and stuff.  So, I hemmed and hawed.  And then I said, “OK.”

And then her eyes got super wide as she stopped walking and gasped.  Then my oldest said, “God and I did it!”.  “What?”  “I prayed that you would say, ‘yes’ and that did it.”  She smiled so wide.  Her God had been victorious, overcame her trouble and moved the heart of mom in her direction.  You could almost see her faith grow in the power of prayer.  It was child-like and free.  I didn’t say a word.



One thought on “a super-hero…

  1. Kristy,
    I love the simple, tangible, and heart-felt faith we see in your precious children!

    How it inspires me to look forward with hope to the things that will call forth a loud & clear,
    “God & I did it!” 🙂

    Whatever His plans are, eventually they are GOOD! Don’t worry… it sounds like Jesus is already “in town” in your home and making himself quite comfortable in your kids’ lives & hearts…

    Santa can sit back & smile when real relationship with God is growing! ( ;

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