to hibernate?

It is the tendency…it’s below freezing, the strong prairie winds have started blowing, there’s snow on the ground…and it’s just so warm and cozy inside with Christmas tree lights and music and fires.

But then a friend comes over for a play date and walks her pregnant belly and two small children the mile to my house…in the sub-zero temps.  She said she stopped walking last winter and she was making a commitment to continue on through this winter, per usual.   Truth is I see all kinds of mothers still walking their kids all over town…and they are just ruining it all for me.  So, I would like to say that I felt inspired but more I felt guilty and decided to just ‘Canada’ it up and make the concerted effort.

So, today we made the trek to Sela’s school to pick her up and walk her home.  It was peaceful and wonderful…

like I have written, Sela’s not a big fan of the cooler outdoor weather but I’m sure that it was a whole combination of things.  Regardless of reason, this continued with every single step home.  If I had any question of whether she felt tortured by the walk, she left no question for me…nor any resident living on our route.

On the other hand, this was the compromise with this girl who can’t stop saying how hot she is as she rolls around in the snow and makes a snowman with her bare hands.  She was made to keep her coat on but I gave up on the zipper.  She’s always hot.
Ethan slept the whole time…probably due to his head trauma.
 well, we made it…and I’m going to try again tomorrow.
(I’m so proud of Sela who wrote her own name on her craft above…great job!)

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