pointed toward heaven…

In the year 724, a man appointed the name Boniface was trudging with a band of men through the woods in what is now Germany.   He had left England to tell the tribes in this area about Jesus.  It was Christmas Eve.

They were looking for the great oak, Thor.  The people of the forest believed the tree reigned with great power over them and it was the center of their worship.  As they came close they saw them gathered around with a fire.  They were in time to see them pull the chief’s son, beloved little Asulf, into the middle, intended to become the sacrifice of appeasement.   They were heartbroken but saw no other way if that’s what their god demanded.

But like Abraham, they were stopped just before the instrument was able to strike…by Boniface.  He had come out of the woods to tell them that the tree had no power.  He said he could prove it by cutting the tree down.  If it really was a powerful god, there would be protection or retaliation.  As the men cut down the tree the people stood frozen in fear at what would happen…except nothing did.

Boniface then went on to tell them that Jesus, God’s Son, was born that night to be the Savior of the world.  Their god was dead but God was alive and he wanted them to worship Him and Him alone.

As a symbol he walked over to a small fir-tree and told the people that this tree was a symbol.  It always remains green and points to heaven to remind them of the life that Jesus brought.  He cut down the tree and put it in the chieftain’s hall.  There they all rejoiced in the news Boniface had brought them.

After a while, every home in Germany gathered around a fir tree at Christmastime to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and God’s everlasting love.  and now so do we…

This is something I learned in homeschool that I didn’t know before…


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