happy birthday to Sela…

We call you Cheetah because you always run everywhere.  We call you “Choco” because at some point you named your doll that and we liked it so much that it got transferred to you…and stuck.   You can’t whisper but worked hard to learn how to whistle.  You take everything around you that you are taking in and turn it into words…processing out loud.  You talk through every movie asking what is happening or what is next.  You had your first day of school ever this year.  You proudly go and proudly report that you never get “your car moved”.  They say that you make friends easily and include others so it is wonderful to have you in class.  You’re cuddly, wiggly and have the best tickle face ever.  You ask great questions and my prayer is that they lead you to a relationship with the One I love so much and that loves you endlessly.  When I asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, it had graduated from tooth fairy and kitten…you told me, “Sela”.  And I hope you become the best version of who God made you…that you know confidently only who He says you are.  I’m so glad that you were born.


3 thoughts on “happy birthday to Sela…

  1. Happy Birthday Sela. Wow! Now a big 4 year old. When are you ever going to stop growing? Hope you had a great time at your party. Love you!

  2. Kristy, I think I have said this before…but PLEASE promise me that you are prinitng these amazing essays out for your kids!!?? You say the things that each of them will need to hear a thousand times or more as they grow up…and sometimes, they really don’t want YOU to say it. But maybe, just maybe, they will want to read it! So print these out and tuck them into “encouragement” boxes for these precious kiddos to dig through when the teen years get hard. Sela will want to know all these things and more. ANd I promise you, you will both be so glad you did. And quite honestly, Robb is the sweetest ladybug I have ever seen…sort of! 🙂 Love to you, Anne

  3. I have just finished rereading your older posts. Many are “Halmark” type moments. Thanks again for sharing your family with us. Love from your Canadian friend…. in another province.

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