happy birthday, bear!

oh, this boy…

In his two years of life, it can easily be said that he is my favorite boy younger than 39.  I love his smile, walk, way of talking, who he is now and who he will become.  I love the way he gives kisses and hugs freely.  I love the way he runs to help, holds my hand and lays his round, heavy head on my shoulder.

We planned on making your favorite right now, “oooh-ahhhh” or monkey cupcakes but Sammi, the master baker, took charge and found these wonderful “twinkle, twinkle little star” cupcakes instead.

This girl was cut off from her job after two frosting fistfuls ‘accidentally’ made their way into her mouth…

a tribute to your well-sung and often song…

We certainly celebrate you!

Oh, boy! You have my heart.


5 thoughts on “happy birthday, bear!

  1. Happy Birthday Ethan. Can you dunk yet? Keep working on it and it will come. 2 years old and still growing. Keep up the good work.
    Love, Pop Pop

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