of course…

It started with an appraiser…I was frantically getting the kids in the car because I was waiting for a phone call that I needed to take before dropping someone off somewhere and he showed up wanting to take a look around and I suppose appraise.  We sat in the car and waited.  Of course, that was our first clue.


Then the ex-wife of the man with whom we signed our lease with rang our doorbell to get some left things from the shed.  I thought this was my opportunity to get into a little conversation and see if we could get what was happening with the house even though they don’t have to disclose to us as renters.  Of course, something came over her, I think seeing the house and being here…so that she burst into tears and we got the whole story…pertinent and sordid details.


It was the bewitching hour between four and five o’clock…when children are the most tired  and hungriest and seem to get an second wind and seem to bounce off of everything.  Ethan was acting very sluggish and cranky…and clingy all day so mid-afternoon I just wound up sitting down with him and just holding him (I actually wound up taking him to the er that night to get his blood tested).  I had just started dinner when the doorbell rang.  I walked passed the clutter of the day piled even higher than usual.  Of course it was the real estate agent informing us of the court-ordered sale and our court-ordered cooperation.  Of course, he asked if he could come in and take some pictures.  It was past the point of making a difference by expending a bit of frantic energy to pick up right then so I, with my 37 pound toddler on my hip, just stepped aside and said sure. I found out from a friend the next day that those pictures were up on the internet.  well, of course, they were.

This house with its sconces, backyard, loft, wonderful kitchen and cozy fireplace has been good to us.  In just a year, ethan has learned to walk, Sela had her first day of school and Samara has learned to ride a two-wheeler.  We’ve had enough holidays and birthdays to paint a little sentiment on these walls.  But now it’s official…there is a kick coming from a pending boot, we just don’t know when.  We’ve decided to wait it out as long as we can…of course.


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