tooth for a loonie…

It’s monumental…to an almost 6-year-old, a rite of passage, a sign of getting older when that’s the desirable thing…

a lost tooth.

It’s hard to tell because she’s already had a few permanent teeth come in.  She lost it in her sleep.  Her daddy, who’s a good finder, was able to get it.

She came running in the next morning with her loonie (apparently the going Canadian rate for a denticle) in hand and a huge toothy grin.  You’re so big.


4 thoughts on “tooth for a loonie…

  1. Wow! A Loonie for a tooth. I can’t wait until mine start falling out (For the second time!) This means you are growing up Sammi. Wow!

  2. (this is all from Kirra after seeing Sammi’s picture)”Oh My, Sammi! I wish that I could see you and give you a violin and a harmonica for your birthday. AND if I could go to your house I’d give you a music store for Christmas! AND I love you!” 🙂

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