gaining experience…

We walked down the unfamiliar aisles filled with little figures that morphed into something else, cars, trucks…everything seemed to be black and red.  My oldest turned to me and said, “mom, I don’t like this aisle.”  to tell the truth…neither did I…not one bit.  But a boy present we had to buy…  we picked something hurriedly and headed back to dollies, plastic kitchenware and more palatable colors.  it felt like coming home.

I was carrying my little baby boy at the time…in my belly.  he was still an unknown and after that day I carried a tiny little fear that he would forever live in a world with interests that I wouldn’t enjoy or couldn’t decipher.  How would I play with him?  It’s one thing to play dolly-house or Strawberry Shortcake…but I didn’t even have brothers.  I lacked experience.

That day and those feelings came back to me today.  I hadn’t thought of them for a long time because of course as soon as they put that baby in your arms, you’re smitten no matter what.  For about twenty minutes today my little indecipherable wonder of a boy and I ran a toy airplane across the counter.

Who cares what he enjoys or whether I understand it, I love his giggles and smiles and his comments of “mama, funny!” every time it flew off and away.

It won’t always be so simple but thanks for giving me time to gain some experience.  I’m enjoying every minute…


3 thoughts on “gaining experience…

  1. Kristy, I know you will love the “learning” process as Ethan moves into yet-to-be-discovered areas of boyhood. And you have a fine Pilot-Husband (stole that from Ann Voskamp’s Farmer-Husband!) who will help you as you go. Now that my house is so much more quiet with just the two very busy teenage boys at home, I sort of miss the noise of cars and blocks and sword fights and wrestling. Buidling forts with blankets and couch cushions was my favorite thing. I just might have to make one again soon…just for old time sake. Maybe Nathan would still crawl in there with me and eat Goldfish crackers and drink apple juice. Enjoy…enjoy…boys are a BLAST! Anne

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