hoboken, baby!

who would have ever thought a day in hoboken would be in order?  or dare I say desired? but a day it was.  This girl is completely inspired by “Buddy”.

There’s something a bit unbelievable about it.  It’s a tiny Italian bakery, which really are in no shortage in these parts and it’s become huge with crowds of people waiting to get in who are willing to pay twelve dollars a cannoli.  But wait and pay we did…

Buddy wasn’t there (he was at the lackawanna center, which we saw driving out…)

but we saw Buddy’s sister (the one whose husband Mauro tattooed her face on his arm for their anniversary at the NYInc place) who said that it was Buddy’s wife Lisa’s birthday today which made a little girl pretty excited…not only that her birthday was close to Lisa’s but now we’re going to watch for a show where it’s Lisa’s birthday and we’ll say, “hey! we were there that day”.

and this became lunch…

but this was my favorite…

Then right down the street was…well, we actually used gps to get there to which Sammi nonchalantly said, “hmm…I guess poppop’s car is a girl since that’s her voice.”

The statue of liberty and ellis island…

…and the empty sky 9/11 memorial.  It was my favorite.


One thought on “hoboken, baby!

  1. Wow!! stunning photographs & wonderful smiles! This looks like it was so exciting, so full, and so fun! (I love Sammi’s comment about Poppop’s car!) 🙂
    Thinking of you!

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