an egg-stravaganza…

It felt good to get away, if even for just two days and just down the long prairie road.  First stop was the Cal-gary Olympic Park where Sammi got her first taste of ski-patrolling (as she calls it due to a Backyardigans episode set in Canada with songs about Mounties and such)

a lesson in snowplow…

and this is what the other kiddos did at the slope (well, they did jump around in the snow a bit too)…

Then we went to our hotel that had two water slides at the pool.  Robb and Sammi had a blast while Sela tried to put on a brave face and be a sport even though she’d rather just play in the hot tub.  And Ethan got woken up by a false fire alarm.  We woke up on Saturday and all headed right back to the slides where Robb, Sammi, me and Ethan had a  great time on the slides and Sela put on that face again.

Then we lunched at a place that Robb heard of called the “Tubby Dog”…and it was exactly how it sounded.  Hot dogs with anything on it.  like peanut butter and jelly with some captain crunch…

or banana with chocolate and some fruit loops…

ok, it was pretty gross but the idea was fun.  then we went to the egg-stravaganza at the zoo…


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