sela boo, the bike rider…

She did it.  At the end of last season, during the last few days of when you can ride a bike, she rode a two-wheeler.  And then we packed the bike away for the long winter.  It just recently got pulled out and we waited to see if she was still ready to go.  But there was the whole fear of falling.  I gave her a good pep-talk of encouragement, blah, blah, blah! but it wasn’t until daddy came up and strapped some knee-pads and gloves that she had the false security of not hurting herself should she fall, that she gave it a try.

I wish I had some video of her cute way of pedalling and swerving along, but I was pulling ethan next to her.  This girl was able to go a few miles on the first try.  We rode the path to see the horses just out of town and she wanted to go further.  I told her that if she could make it to the gas station on the edge of town, she could have a treat.  You don’t have to say it twice to this girl.  She was off.  The gas attendant (a nice grandma) couldn’t believe she had ridden all that way.  and like the sweetheart that she is, she picked a small sampling of salt water taffy (must be the nj heritage) so that she could share with everyone.

As we rode along together talking, I remarked that she was already getting better with the practice she was already getting.   I said that soon she would just be able to relax and we would have so much fun riding.  She said seriously, “Mom, i can’t relax.  I have to control.” That was my favorite.

You always work hard at things.  I couldn’t be prouder.


3 thoughts on “sela boo, the bike rider…

  1. Great Sela. I love the “Crash” outfit and that it’s so well co-ordinated and stylish. Keep up the good riding. This make us all so proud of you!

  2. Sela, Sela you are getting so big. AND, you look so official with all your gear. : – ) Pop-Pop and I are very proud of you. We love you!

  3. You go Sela! Love her personality coming through with her words “I can’t relax, I have to control.”
    Always on an adventure!!
    Miss ya.

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