what every 40-year-old wants…

…AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL FESTIVAL.  It was special for Daddy’s birthday.  It was quite the time.  Each doll was hosting his or her own event.  There was the “Dress Sophia” exhibit where you were able to step up and dress her in any outfit offered…

The “Fishing with Tommy” activity (yes, my son plays with dolls)…

“Ice-skating lessons with Kasha” (somehow sela had on sammi’s pjs and vice versa??)…

“wheelchair run with Choco”

and then the american girl doll dogs ran an obstacle course…

Happy birthday, Dad!


3 thoughts on “what every 40-year-old wants…

  1. Happy Birthday Robb! Sorry we weren’t there for the big event (the doll party), Maybe next year! Wow! 40 years old. But who’s counting??? Hope you had a good one!

  2. Happy Birthday Robb!! Sammi, Sela and Ethan sure know how to throw a party! What I want to know is – was there cake OR pie for the birthday boy?

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