The Canadian cow…

Once upon a time there was a cow.  But he wasn’t an ordinary cow.  he could milk anything and he’d drink it all.  Just say the name of the drink and then you start milking him and he’ll milk that drink.  Then the cow started getting famous.  Lots and lots of people started coming to see him.  

But one day a little girl came.  She had beautiful blond hair and she had a pretty pink bow in her hair.  She had a fancy purple dress with golden sparkly flowers on it.  Her shoes were ruby red with a big blue flower on each one.  She was Canadian.  She asked the cow for Canadian milk*.  

After the little girl had milked him and he had milked the Canadian milk out, he was up into the air.  When he came back down he had a big Canadian flag on him; big and red.  And from that day on that cow was known as the Canadian cow.  

And now you’ve heard the story of the little girl and the Canadian cow.  

authored and illustrated by Samara Mae

*milk that comes from Canada.  That’s different from the milk that comes from America because it doesn’t come from America.


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