My name is Kristy and we have recently moved to the badlands of Canada.  My husband has taken my three kiddos and I on this adventure living in a small town in Alberta while he is learning to fly small aircraft in a mission aviation program.  I think he is perfectly suited for this and I think it’s in his blood since his father and grandfather flew.  This is our story of living life here…


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  1. Dear Tuckers, What an adventure to the “frozen North”! Kristi enjoy this time as it has a way of going very fast! Making adventures w/ your own family w/ the little offered around is the best! I look forward to following your story. NJ is the “frozen land” this winter, truly a winter w/ xcountry skiing avail each day!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kristy! I had no idea that you moved to Alberta! Wow…you have always loved adventures and it’s neat to hear about this journey. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about all of your happenings! Miss you tons.

  3. Kristy, I love that you are doing this. It makes me smile! Also so glad to hear you are figuring things out. I can’t wait to hear more fun/funny stories. Give those monkeys lovies from us, Love you guys. And know that we will be continually praying for you during this adventure. XOXOXO

    • loved reading about your adventures with all the added pictures!! I miss seeing you around church with your bright spirit but know you must now spread the sunshine in a new community ; ) Getting lost made me laugh….I can just picture the scene. Continued prayers for your family as you settle in.

  4. Kristy – you have always been a traveler. Israel, Kiev, etc, etc, etc. So I am not one bit surprised. The Lord bless you on this His adventure. Keep in touch. Love ya.

  5. Hi Kristy. I trying to sign up for your blog. I hope this works. I look forward to reading it in the future. If this doesn’t work I will let you know.

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